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Our Delicious Food and Beverages

paw - nen - cook - en. Pannenkoeken are larger and much thinner than American pancakes. They are served open face & topped with sweet or savory ingredients. Our chef cooks each and every pannenkoeken in a traditional Dutch pan, using methods she learned in the Netherlands.

Sweet Pannenkoeken

  • Apple Pannenkoeken
  • Apple Pannenkoeken
  • Chocolate Banana Pannenkoeken
  • Apple Raisin Cheese Pannenkoeken
  • Apple Ginger Pannenkoeken
  • Plain Pannenkoeken
  • Bacon Cheese Pannenkoeken
  • HHam Cheese Pineapple Pannenkoeken
  • Salami Cheese Pannenkoeken
  • Sausage Cheese Pannenkoeken
  • Sausage Cheese Pannenkoeken
  • Veggie Pannenkoeken